The Internet is always evolving and changing which means to stay competitive and effective, your website should also adjust with current trends and functionally. Website Redesign in Knoxville is a proactive way to update your current website and ensure that you’re making the most of your online website.

You might be wondering if your current website is adequate or whether you really need a full website redesign. So let us ask you a couple of questions about your current website and help you make an educated decision.

  • Does your current website quickly reflect the nature of your business in a clear, concise and impactful manner?

Pull up your website and take a look at the “Above the Fold” area. That is the area that is first seen by visitors to your website. Here’s a screenshot of the Above the Fold area here at Capas Hub….

website redesignAs you can see, when someone visits our website, we’ve provided a clear impression of what we are all about. SEO, Website Design, Brand Awareness, Marketing Strategies and more. We don’t make our visitors scroll around to figure out what we are offering. Does your Above the Fold area convey your most important business message? If not….time for a website redesign.

  • Is your website mobile responsive? 

Pull up your website on your smartphone or a tablet. Does it ‘flex’ to accommodate the screen size? Is it readable and useable the moment you pull it up or do you have to adjust your screen or scroll back and forth to read the information? To see what a mobile responsive website can do, pull up Capas Hub on your phone or tablet:

You’ll see a different version of this website adjusts perfectly to accommodate the screen size of your mobile device. The days of people only surfing the net from their home computer are over as more and more (and MORE) people carry around their Internet at their fingertips.

If your website isn’t responsive then you are definitely in need of a website redesign because everyone that does find your website via a mobile device will just move along to the next website so they can find the information they need without formatting issues.

  • Is your website optimized for Search Engines?

We’ve never had a client say they didn’t want their website to be found, indexed and featured on the front page of search engines for the types of services and products they offer.

Using modern and dynamic content management systems as the foundation for your website is a critical factor in your websites search engine rankings. We only redesign websites with the most search engine friendly software available.

  • When was the last time your content and information was updated on your website?

The search engines are constantly on the hunt for the most relevant, updated and informational content they can find. Their users trust them to provide the very best information for their search term possible. If the information on your website hasn’t changed in a month, a couple of months or longer…it’s time for a website overhaul.

A website redesign will update your current content and encourage you to keep the new content coming. Search engines are a websites bread and butter and here at Capas Hub, we make sure our clients are giving the powers that be – search engines – are getting exactly what they need to send traffic to our clients websites.

Our website redesign services will take your current website and make it a powerhouse of support for your business. If you are in need of a website redesign, give us a call and we’ll discuss all your options.