Let’s cut to the chase. Your business needs an effective SEO web design to take it to the top of popular search engines like Google and convert visitors to bankable customers or clients.

SEO Website DesignA great website design is…just a great website design… if you don’t partner it up with the power of search engine optimization to put it on the Internet map.

Here’s a website design fact:
No one (ever) says,
I want a new website, but I don’t care if anyone visits it.

That just never happens! Here’s the short and sweet version of the purpose of a website.

  1. connect with your potential customers
  2. provide them with the information they need
  3. show them the products or services you offer
  4. convert them into bankable results for your business

There are a hundred moving pieces and parts that connect those 4 steps together and that’s where a strategic SEO web design by Capas Hub comes into action. When you hire us, we pave the way and build the steps for your online success.

Connect With Your Potential Customers:  

On the fast paced Internet, an excellent web design will help your customers connect instantly with your business brand. All our website designs use the most up to date software and includes the top notch functionality you would expect in a modern website.

Our website designs are 100% mobile responsive to ensure no matter what type of computer or device a customer is using to visit your website, they experience a seamless and user friendly site.

  • SEO: Connecting with your customers starts with making sure they can FIND YOUR BUSINESS online. A laser targeted SEO web design will make sure you are being noticed, indexed and ranked on search engines like Google and Bing. All our designs include SEO optimized websites and we offer SEO services that propel your website to front page rankings.

Provide Customers the Information They Need:

Understanding what your customers are looking for on the Internet to find your type of business is the first step to a SEO web design that gives them exactly what they need, when they need it. Before we start any website design, we take the time to research your market so we know what needs to be included on your website to attract your customers and cover the popular search terms & keywords your customers are using.

Show Customers The Products and Services You Offer: 

When a new visitor hits your website, we want to give them a quick and effective way to browse your services or products. No guessing, no clicking around trying to find what they need.

Convert Customers Into Bankable Results for Your Business:

A great looking website that has great traffic…but doesn’t convert visitors into bankable results is still an ineffective system. We make sure in all our designs that there is a clear path for visitors to follow that leads to your products or services AND gives a strong call to action.

Connecting the most important pieces to the online puzzle is what makes sets us apart from just a simple website design company. We look at the whole online picture and back up a great website design with excellent seo practices.

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