Successful Small Business Website Design

The Internet has effectively leveled the playing field when it comes to brand awareness and now more than ever a small business website design that’s partnered with strategic SEO marketing campaigns, can strongly compete with the big names.

Small business does not have to mean small impact, especially online. With our website design services, you can have a website that looks and functions just as good (if not better) than the big budget companies at a fraction of the cost they probably paid.

Small Business Website DesignSo what makes for a successful website design if you’re a small business?

You need a website design that gives your customers, clients and visitors
exactly what they are looking for...instantly.

To be blunt, the truth is there is thousands of website designers out there that can probably throw up a website for your small business that looks pretty good at first glance. But looking good and effectively engaging your potential clients or customers is the name of the game. The home run to success online.

The attention span of Internet users is extremely short. There’s thousands of options and websites out there for them to engage in and they know what they like and don’t like. A badly designed website isn’t worth their time or effort to search out the info they need and that little red box with the X in it is easy to click.

A great small business web design will instantly convey what their services or products are above the foldthe area a visitor first sees when they visit a website – and give that visitor a reason to stay on the website and get more information.

How do you know if your current website is connecting with your visitors? Do you already have a website? Check your bounce rate.

A bounce rate reflects how quickly a visitor to your website leaves it. You can find your bounce rate in your google analytics or other programs that track your visitor activities — if you don’t have a way to check your visitor activities, well…you’re missing out on valuable information!

How high is your bounce rate percentage? Is it 50%, 60%..higher?? A high bounce rate means you are losing potential customers at a high rate – not because your services or products aren’t excellent – but because your current website is confusing them, offending them and definitely not connecting with them.

If you want your small business to compete against the big businesses, it’s vital that your website is designed from a marketing perspective. You don’t want a website that just looks good, you need a website that visually looks great and encourages ACTION from your customers and that’s what we specialize at here at Capas Hub.

A great website design with a focus on on-site marketing for success is 1/2 of the Internet puzzle. To have a complete picture, you also need powerful SEO strategies in place to put your high converting website on the Internet highway. To compete with the big companies, your website has to be listed on the front page of search engines like Google.

It’s a pretty simple concept. If you’re not seen online, your website becomes an invisible dot on the big Internet superhighway. Not being indexed and ranked high on the search engines is like starting a business in a physical location and never putting out a sign with your business name.

When you’re ready to partner an effective website with strategic SEO strategies, give Capas Hub a call. We’ll connect all the pieces you need for a successful small business presence online.