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SEO is Dead. NOT!

SEO is Dead!

You’ve heard it said.  Seems like after every Google update, i.e. Penquin, Panda or any other sweet cool animal that wreaks havoc on websites.

Don’t believe it.  The sky is NOT falling.

SEO is alive and well.  Google is counting on SEO for its success.

Understand that Google wants every visitor to be served up with results that are “relevant” and “quality”.  OK, now you know what SEO can’t be dead, it’s got to get Google where it wants to be which is on top of the heap as far as search engines.  Oh yeah, they are already there.

Of course they are the #1 search engine.  Why?  Because they serve up relevant quality content.

So don’t believe someone who tells you that SEO is dead.

SEO is simply a method to give you and your website properties an advantage when your customers search for terms that identify what you offer for sale, be that product or services.

Remember you don’t want folks hitting your site looking for snow mobiles if you sell aroma therapy sessions.  Right?  Easy answer.

SEO when done by Capas Hub helps Google do its job which is deliver customers to you.

So just ignore the naysayers about SEO and jump in with us for Page One Rankings.


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