Why Top Website Rankings are SO Important

It’s no secret that the Internet has dramatically changed the way that business is conducted.


145 million results to browse in your spare time…

By making it easier for businesses and customers to interact, the web allows businesses to reach local (and global markets) in a way they’ve never been able to before. One of the major keys to a successful online experience is for business owners is exposure to the people who need their services or products and that’s where earning front page website rankings on popular search engines is critical.

Achieving top website rankings is a no easy task because the major search engines utilize a countless number of variables that are always changing to determine where a website is placed within their search results.

To give you an idea of the enormous value in having top website rankings that gives you first page exposure on search engines, think about the last time you googled something. Did you notice when it served up it’s suggestions, that at the top of the page it listed the amount of possible results it found? Did you notice it had 100,000 results? Maybe it was 500,000 results. Some results searches can reach into the millions!

For Example: Let’s google “website rankings” and see how many results it serves up….

website rankingsOnly 445 million to choose from!

We know search engine users aren’t going to flip through 445 million results. Honestly, they rarely browse past the first page or two and that’s why it’s so important for a business to do everything they can to earn and maintain high website rankings on the search engines.

When it comes to website rankings, it’s good to understand what the search engines are looking for and why. Search engines are actively looking for information on your website that is –

  • up-to-date
  • consistently relevant to a core topic
  • packed with quality content
  • backed up by social proof (aka links from other websites)

When the search engines send in their micro soldiers (bots & spiders that crawl every line of code/text in your website) they are collecting information. Those micro soldiers are evaluating, indexing and categorizing every piece of information you’ve ever posted on your website so they can take it back to the big boss aka the search engine.

The more defined and relevant to a specific topic the micro soldiers dig up, the easier you make it for the search engine to identify a piece of content on your site as a quality suggestion for their users.

The reason SEO: Search Engine Optimization is so important is because of that previous paragraph. When those little soldiers visit your website, you want to welcome them with open arms and make it easy for them to index your information.

why website rankings are so importantBeyond your website, there are other factors that help search engines determine your authority and relevance for the search terms they are fulfilling for their users. Social signal are another important factor in determining your website rankings.

Things like backlinks are when another website links to an article on your website. A link to your website from another website is like receiving a social vote of approval.The search engine algorithms see a link from another website to yours as a sign of trust and it all factors into your rankings on their search results.

The more links or social stamps of approval pointing to your website, the easier you make it for search engines to recognize you as top website rankings material.

The ‘why’ or reason search engines have developed such a complex rankings system is because their users trust their suggestions and rely on the search engines to sift through all the junk out there and deliver solid results that matter to them.

In times past (ok . . and to this day) people have tried to trick search engines into recognizing their websites as authorities for specific search terms when in reality their websites had nothing to do with the topic it was trying to rank for. They (the website owners) do that to increase traffic and try to get ad clicks, product sales, etc etc . . . But in this day and age, search engines are on the lookout for those types of antics and are working very hard to sift out the bad from the great. That’s a good thing! We just need to make sure we are providing all the quality they are looking for to earn our top website rankings.

Think about it like this: A search engine is only as good as the results it suggests to it’s users. If the results it served were are all junk links and spammy websites, the search engine would quickly be abandoned by it’s users.

The people who use search engines trust the results and whether or not they realize it, the implied trust factor of front page website rankings transfer to the website they click on to visit. A bit like . . . if Google thinks they are the best out of 500,000 possible results then they must be the best…

And that’s exactly why top website rankings are so important to any business owner.

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