Now more than ever, an Attorney search engine marketing plan is critical for Law Firms to grab front page rankings on popular search engines.

When someone sits down at their computer and types into a search engine “I need a Knoxville Attorney” they typically have an immediate need for legal assistance. When the search engine reveals the best results they have for the search term “I need a Knoxville Attorney” we want your Law Firm to be shown as the solution to their problems. Front and center. First page visibility and clickability.

We all know the cost to acquisition new clients through paid adverting clicks online is very costly for Legal Firms, but with Attorney search engine marketing, there is another way.

To compete online, especially in the highly competitive legal field, a laser targeted, well executed SEO marketing plan is your only chance at first page rankings.

Attorney Search Engine MarketingA huge benefit of attorney search engine marketing is the cost. While it’s an investment upfront and you’ll have a residual fee to maintain your top website rankings, SEO has such a substantial return on investment when compared to other avenues of generating client leads such as PPC: pay per click – or print advertising.

As you’ve probably already noticed, once you stop paying for PPC or print advertising the phone calls stop.

However, the solid staying power of excellent search engine optimization will continue to benefit your firm long after someone threw away your print ad. An Attorney search engine marketing plan builds you a wide net for attracting new clients online and it has ability to provide results over and over.

People trust their search engines and there’s an implied sense of trust that transfers to the organic results that land a business on the the first page. Which means that when someone searches for an attorney, they assume that the attorneys who are listed at the top of the results are the best ones.

They think that the search engine has listed them by popularity, experience, and skill. While that may not be true, their popularity, skills etc, one thing we can say about the law firms that are listed on the front page of the search engines…they do have a Attorney search engine marketing plan in place and they get the most traffic to their websites.

When you work with Capas Hub, we research your local market and discover every possible way your potential clients are looking for your services online. With the knowledge we gather, we’ll design an Attorney search engine marketing plan that laser targets the exact local terms being used on the search engines. So the next time someone types in “I need a Knoxville Attorney” you have a link on the front page that let’s them know, “I am the Knoxville Attorney You need.”

Just like you would advise us not to represent ourselves in a legal case, we advise you to let us handle all your Attorney search engine marketing.

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