Having an effective SEO strategy in place is vital to a businesses online success because let’s face it — increasing traffic to a website translates to new customers and the ultimate goal SALES.

SEO Strategy There’s no doubt that search engine optimization is a necessity these days, so the question our new clients typically need answered is . . .  how do we put an effective SEO strategy together and then…when can they get started.

First and Foremost, an effective SEO Strategy starts with research.

The first thing we do is dig deep into your business niche so we have a clear understanding of your services, products and customers.

Blinding starting a SEO campaign without knowing exactly what your customers need from you and how they are trying to find your business is just shooting arrows at a bullseye in the dark.

When we put together your SEO strategy, it’s laser targeted to every part of your business for maximum results. Once we know exactly what your customers are looking for and just to be clear, this isn’t a guessing game. We’ll know exact search phrases users type into search engines to find your type of services and we’ll know exactly how many times a month they use those search terms so we know which ones to focus on for the maximum return on efforts.

Your Business Website Optimization: 

Let’s start with website design and optimization. A well tuned website works hand in hand with search engine optimization. One does not function well without the other. Our team will design a website (or re-design or add the needed tweaks to an existing website)  that not only gives visitors to your website a fantastic user experience, it will be optimized top to bottom to attract top search engine rankings.

Part of any SEO strategy includes content management. Meaning, the information on your website should reflect you as a business BUT it should also be strategically written to target the search terms (keywords) your customers are using to find your services.

When we write quality content the customers are looking for and optimize the information for search engine discovery, we make it easy for the search engines to recognize you as an authority on the topic a user needs information on.

Local SEO:

Unless a business is strictly targeting a global audience, an effective SEO strategy will focus on optimization for local search terms so they earn top visibility in their community.

In this day and age when smartphones and computers can tell a person just about anything about everything they want to know in seconds, it’s critical a business owner makes their services as visible as possible…especially to the person who pulled over to the side of the road to do a quick search to find the best business around to fit their need. We want to target that potential customer and the only way to grab their attention is to ensure your business shows front and center on their phone search.

The above are a few great examples of the what, why and how of an effective SEO Strategy. When you work with us here at Caba Hub, we’ll take care of all the details for you so you can keep doing what you do best, manage your business.

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