A Knoxville SEO consultant has one major goal: Manage a website so that search engines can find pages easily, index them and serve the results to the users of their service — your potential customers.

A Snapshot Refresher: SEO – Search Engine Optimization –  is used to get search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to recognize your site as an authority for your business category and rank it higher in their search results. The higher rank you achieve, the more potential customers will see your services or products.

Upfront Expectations: There are certain things you can expect from your Knoxville SEO consultant that will give you a realistic idea of what to expect when you hire us. Out the gate we will let you know that 1) SEO is a lot of planning, executing, adjustments, changes to your current system and 2) SEO is not an instant fix. Solid SEO practices take time and constant attention.

Knoxville SEO Consultant Solid Practices: In addition, you can expect us to know our business in and out. The good, the bad and the ugly. Search engines like Google share which optimization techniques are acceptable and which ones violate their guideline and we only utilize practices that fall firmly in the acceptable category.

In other words, we only wear White Hats around these parts. The fact is — the Black Hat practices some of our competitors use might work in the short run or give a business a sense of online success, but bad practices can and will be penalized and when that happens, it’s swift and without warning. The effects of bad SEO practices can be devastating to a business and we would never knowingly put any client of ours at risk.   Ever…

In Depth Knowledge of Your Business: You can expect us to research every facet of your business so we know exactly what you are about, the services you offer and exactly what your customers are looking for on the Internet to find you.

Your Knoxville SEO consultant will identify the best keywords and search term phrases that users of search engines use to look for the type of service you offer. Then we’ll make sure everything on your website and off page SEO efforts laser target those needs of potential customers.

Website Optimization:  Our clients should expect changes to their current website. Sometimes a few tweaks will do and sometimes a website will need a significant overhaul. Beyond the on -page keyword optimization needed, we want to make sure the entire site is optimized for not only the search engines, but your potential customers that click through and visit.

A great website works hand in hand with great SEO efforts. You really can’t have one without the other and expect everything to be working at 110% effectiveness.

If you weren’t expecting to make changes to your website, think about it like this. As Knoxville SEO Consultants, we know exactly how to get new traffic to your website. But if your website is not built with conversion in mind, or it lacks valuable content for the visitor to engage in, or it has bad navigation, etc, etc…we can send all the traffic in the world to your website, but the visitor will just click right the little red X and move along to another website if they don’t instantly connect.

Measurable Results: We track results. We know our conversions and click-through rates. We keep track of search term rankings and keyword effectiveness. We know exactly what type of numbers we are achieving for your business through our work any day of the week.

True SEO doesn’t happen in a day or even a week, but during the entire process we keep track of every detail so you know action is happening behind the scenes and in the search engines.

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